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Calendar Update

We are sad to announce that there will be no EGRR calendar this year. While we got many adorable submissions, the vast majority were taken on a phone. We can use these pictures if we keep them small, but when we tried to put it together with very few larger photos, we were disappointed in the results. We would rather not do the calendar than bring you something inferior.

Some things to keep in mind for next year

  • pull out the real camera every once in a while!
  • use the red eye feature on your flash
  • we cannot use submissions with people
  • cluttered backgrounds do not look good
  • if the picture appears dark (as many phone pictures do because they don’t have much of a flash), it will not print well and the file is often too small to fix up in photoshop

In order to get better pictures for next year, we are discussing plans to have a photographer at Expo.

All pictures from this year will be automatically submitted next year.

EGRR Is A Proud Supporter of the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

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meeting calendar

Mark Your Calendar

The next EGRR Open Board Meeting will be held on Thursday, November 6th, at Jane’s house in Lauderhill.   Please join us as when we discuss the CPR/First Aid Seminar and plan our next events. We will also be presenting the nominating committee’s slate for election of our Officers and Board, as well as accepting nominations from the floor.  Our elections take place at our December meeting.  As usual we will also be discussing that is going on with the dogs.  A light dinner will be served at 7 pm followed by the meeting at 7:30. For directions or to RSVP contact Jane

Late Summer/Fall 2014 Newsletter Is Here!

For the Late Summer/Fall Edition of Recycled Gold, click here
Highlights include:
- Lucy’s journey
- Tucker’s close call
- Golden Retriever Pigmentary Uveitis
- Ten training tips

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Riley & Rascal Oct 14


Gender: Male & Female                   Ages: 10 & 8                     Status: Need foster home

Riley and Rascal came to EGRR from an unfortunate situation. They were owned by a gentleman during the course of his first marriage.  When that marriage was dissolved they stayed in his loving care.  He later remarried and the family now consisted of his Goldens, 2 Pomeranians and a young child.  As time passed, a new baby joined the family, and you guessed it, Riley and Rascal had become personae non gratis.

They were delegated to an isolated room, to keep them away from the baby who was now crawling. We were told that they were jealous of the baby and marked their territory – the room where they were kept.  They were also not good with the little dogs.  Despite this they were described as being great family dogs and very sweet.  The wife knew very little about their vet history, and referred us to her husband.  A conversation with him revealed how much he really loved these dogs, but he was not going to fight his wife on this issue.

We agree – these are the sweetest dogs you every want to meet. They did not receive proper vet care and had an assortment of minor issues that have since been resolved.  Riley’s coat was a matted mess and she had to be shaved.  Rascal had to be neutered and then he made a mess of his incision.  They are both grossly overweight, and are on a special diet to speed their weight loss.  In spite of them being so fat, they are active and love to run and play ball.

They are ready to go to a foster or foster-to-adopt home, but they must be kept together because they are extremely bonded. If you would like to meet this delightful pair, contact EGRR.  We will be glad to make the introductions.