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It’s Calendar Time!!!

New design, new layout, new lower price!  We are really excited about this year’s calendar, but we need your help!  We need good quality pictures of your EGRR or EGRC Goldens to fill the pages.  Here are some tips for making sure your pictures are print ready:

  1. The larger the picture size the better, so set your cameras to the highest picture size possible.
  2. In our experience cell phone pictures may not be the best quality. If you can adjust the size of the picture taken in settings please do. If you can download the picture from your phone to your computer and send from there, please do.
  3. When emailing the picture from either your phone or computer, if you are asked to optimize size for sending select No or Send As Actual/Original Size.

There were some great pictures taken by our photographer at Expo that would be wonderful for the calendar but we need to know who is who.  Please click on the link on Expo pictures to look for your dog.  If you find a picture of your dog that you would like to submit for the calendar:

Click on the picture Just below the image you will see “Sundero  +Follow” and below that “EGRR Expo 2015 (a number)” Send an email stating you would like to use an Expo picture and include “EGRR Expo 2015 (your number)” as well as the other information listed below.

Pictures submitted last year will be considered for this upcoming calendar.  If you submitted a picture and your dog has since passed please send an email to advise if you want the picture used in memoriam.

Now here’s the really important stuff:

The Golden must be an EGRR adopted orphan or owned by either an EGRR or EGRC member.
Deadline for submission is Tuesday September 1st.
Email pictures to
Subject should be EGRR Calendar.
In the body of the email include your dog’s name, EGRR tag number and date of adoption if applicable.
If picture is in memoriam, please state as such.
Please no people in the pictures and no professional pictures.


 Don’t just take your dog for a walk — Take your Walk for a Dog! 


Do you have a smartphone?  (iPhone or Android) Do you walk your dog?  If you said “yes” to both of these, then you can earn money for EGRR!!! Support EGRR simply by walking your dog! Use the app each time you grab for the leash. It’s healthy for you, your dog, and for EGRR. To learn more, go to, and download the app. The FAQ page on the Wooftrax website will guide you through the registration process. Then you can support EGRR every time you walk your dog.


meeting calendar

Mark Your Calendar

The next EGRR Open Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 14th at Jane’s house in Lauderhill.   There will be a light supper at 7 pm, followed by the meeting at 7:30. For directions or to RSVP contact Jane.

Winter 2015 Newsletter Is Here!

For the Winter Edition of Recycled Gold click here

 Highlights to include:
– Cody’s story
– Meet Diane W, a new Board member
– ILP/PAL registration
– Dental health

EGRR Is A Proud Supporter of the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

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To learn why click here

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Bolo Jun 21


Gender: Male
Age: Almost 13
Status: In foster home

Meet Bolo! He was surrendered to EGRR by his tearful mom because financial circumstances required that she move to a place where he was not welcome. He is a handsome fella in spite of the fact that he’s been shaved.  Bolo, who will be 13 in August, is living inside for the first time in his life.  It’s not that his mom didn’t love him; it’s just that she thought he liked it best outside.  And that was why she shaved him – so he would be cooler during the hot Florida summer.  She simply didn’t realize the Goldens are meant to be house dogs, and that their undercoats serve as insulation, keeping them warm in the cool weather, and cool in the heat.

His mom provided us with medical records that showed he had received proper veterinary care for most of his life, but not during the last couple of years.  We were really concerned since he was not on any Heartworm or flea and tick prevention, and living out doors, but Bolo was one lucky dog.  He tested negative for all diseases, so it appears that his only problem is arthritis.  He is receiving supplements to ease his stiffness, and Adequan shots to help him move better.  Other than that, all he needs is food, water, shelter, and love.

Bolo is now living in a wonderful foster home, but would like to be in his “forever” home to celebrate his August 6th birthday.  If you would like to meet this charmer, contact EGRR.  You won’t be sorry.