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EGRR Is A Proud Supporter of the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

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There has been a saying among our local rescue group, “rescue takes many forms.” As rescuers of Golden Retrievers, we have an incredible opportunity to help the breed we so love.  As you know, over 60% of golden retrievers will develop cancer and is the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of 2.  Our treasured breed is prone to other diseases like epilepsy, skin allergies and heart disease.

The Morris Animal Health Foundation has embarked on the largest and longest research study in veterinary medicine, the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study.  The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is an observational study that will follow 3,000 golden retrievers from puppyhood to the end of their lives.  For inclusion in the study, the golden must be under 2 years of age and in possession of a three-generation pedigree. The information collected from the study will allow researchers to gain an understanding of cancer and other canine diseases. To read more about this groundbreaking study, go to

This is where we can help.  The study has enrolled 1500 golden retrievers so far. They are halfway there!  They need our help in spreading the word to meet their goal of 3,000 golden retriever “heroes.”  Although most of our rescued Goldens do not possess the required 3 generation pedigree, many of you know people whose Goldens do meet the criteria.  Please encourage them to join the study.  Speak to your vet and ask him/her to encourage their eligible Golden clients to participate too.

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Mark Your Calendar

The next EGRR Open Board Meeting will be held on Monday, August 11th at Patti’s house in Coral Springs. Coral Springs is centrally located for Broward and Palm Beach County folks so come on out and join us. A light dinner will be served at 7 pm followed by the meeting at 7:30. For directions or to RSVP contact Patti

Spring 2014 Newsletter Is Here!

For the Spring Edition of Recycled Gold, click here
Highlights include:
- EGRR’s first Champion
- In memory of Kara Clark
- Old age is not a disease
- Loose leash walking

 Expo 2014 Is History!

Expo 2014 was the best Expo ever! We came back to the same location as last year, since everyone loved it. There was lots of room to sit in the shade under the pavilion. (We actually thought we were going to need to pavilion as a rain shelter, but the rain stayed away.) People could walk around with ease. The raffle baskets and silent auction were wonderful. The food was yummy and the demos and games were loads of fun, but as usual the highlight of the day was the Parade of Rescues. The dogs in the Parade received beautiful rosettes and a goodie bag of treats. Lots of dogs walked around with their rosettes attached to their collars.

These are just a few pictures from Expo. Here is the link to the rest. EXPO PICTURES

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Buddy and Bella Jul 29

Bella1 (2)Buddy (2)
Genders: Male and Female
Age: 11 months
Status: Need Foster Home

Meet our 2 newest “kids”, Buddy and Bella! They are 11 month old littermates that came from the Shelter in Broward. We’re not sure why they were surrendered because they are both in excellent health, are sweet as sugar, and are EGRR’s “awesome twosome”!

As you can probably tell from their pictures, they are Golden/Lab mixes. Buddy weighs about 50 lbs and Bella is much smaller, at about 40 lbs. They are definitely bonded, but they also love attention from humans (almost as much as they love each other!).

Bella is shy and a little fearful in new situations. However, she quickly warms up to people. Buddy is more outgoing and wants nothing more than to be petted. He seems a bit more relaxed than Bella. He sat calmly to pose for his pictures, while Bella had to be bribed with lots of treats.

We’d prefer to keep them together, but since they are so young, placing them apart is not out of the question because, at their tender age, new bonds will form quickly. They are spayed and neutered, micro-chipped and have had all their shots. Since they are shelter dogs, EGRR will not place them in a home with children under the age of 9. We will require anyone adopting the “awesome twosome” to take them for obedience training, as we do for all our dogs under the age of 2.

If you’d like to meet a pair of adorable, fun-loving young dogs, and have room in your home and your heart, please contact us at: or call our hotline at: 954-748-3507