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I was placed in a very small room.It was not nice at all: All cement, not cozy or comfortable.I heard a clang and when I turned around, I saw bars across the entire exit.

I was so puzzled.I tried so hard to be good!When I was left outside in the heat and other weather, I never complained. I don’t remember all of it, but I think I didn’t feel very good.My skin itched and itched.I tried so hard to ease the itching, but it didn’t help.I even tried rubbing on the only thing near me. I don’t know the name of it, but I heard them say it was “cement” or “bricks”.


The ones here seemed to like me, but something was wrong.Where were the ones I knew?Where was the outside area that I spent years in?Why did they lock me up?What did I do?What didn’t I do?Well, I had nothing to do but wait. And wait I did! Every so often, someone would come and take me out of the cell.They looked at me and poked at me and gave me medicine and put me back in the cell. This went on for a while. Days turned into weeks. Then one day, they took me out of the cell and I never went back in!I was brought to someone else. She seemed nice.She smiled at me and stroked me and spoke soothing words to me.

There was a lot of talk between everyone and!! I was walking out of there!No more little cell!No more hard cement floors or walls!She brought me to her car and had to assist me into it.I have a weak hind end.

In a couple of minutes, we were on our way.Nice.Sitting up in the backseat, watching the world go by!This was a good place.I smelled others had been in the car just like me!She was looking back at me periodically, still cooing and speaking soothing words.Not bad. I still didn’t know where I was going and was a bit concerned, but for the moment, I was safe, in an air-conditioned car, and I liked her.she was friendly!

In about 20 minutes, she got on the cell phone and spoke to someone else. We continued driving. In 5 more minutes, there was a guy standing in a grassy area with a dog!Wow!I couldn’t wait to meet him.We were out of the car in a flash and, before long, I was having a grand old time with Cory.a short-legged black and white guy.They called him a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.Then I got to meet Jake.He was a little harder to win over, but I did it.

They said something about going home.HOME!! I had a home!!???This couldn’t be my old home, they were all different.

Soon I was there.We all went into a small play yard, where we were all free to run and play and have fun.The most exciting thing was yet to come!I got to go into the house with everybody! I didn’t have to stay outside in the heat! And we were all free and happy and things were good.Well, sort of good.I didn’t really have a home.They said I was a Foster.Sigh!not a home.

This all was very puzzling.You see, I came to live with everybody in mid-July and I didn’t go anywhere for months.Was I a Foster or was I Adopted?I heard them talking back and forth.Who would give me a good home?How much care would I need?Would my allergies be very costly to them?And I heard them talking, one on each side of me.And I raised an eyebrow and then I raised the other eyebrow and then the first again, pondering how to tip the scales in my favor.Why look further?I was happy here; I had playmates, good food and good medical care.The sofa was comfortable, although I must admit sometimes he took the spot on the sofa that I liked.I learned that I could climb up on the dog stairs to get eye level with him and just stare at him.I trained him to move out of the spot I liked.That being done, as far as I was concerned, this was home.I had toys, food, treats, a doctor, a dermatologist and nice spirits surrounding me.I was settling in nicely.So what was with the Foster stuff?Still!

Ah, I got it.I wowed them with the eyebrow raise, I’ll try the eyes!Yes, yes, they’re softening!The talk went back and forth, day after day, week after week. I looked at them with my best eyes. Then, one day, it was done! I was in!This would be my Forever Home.I would have a family!They said I was their Christmas Present.They were going to adopt me!

There were still a few hurdles to go.Paperwork, a check and a name change. Fine with me, Maggie Mae I was!Well, I was for a week.He didn’t like the name.Back to the drawing board.Ah, ha!They came up with a new name, a nice name, my name.

Of course, you know I’m a Golden Retriever, but what you don’t know yet, is my name. I am Lily! I have a Forever Home! And we all thank EGRR (what ever that is) because, due to them, I got a forever family!Thank you EGRR.four paws up to you!Now, if you will excuse me, I’m getting up on the sofa for a snooze in my favorite spot. Ahhhh!


As told to Sharon by Lily





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