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Book Review: One Dog at a Time: Saving the Dogs of Afghanistan

by Pen Farthing. New York: St. Martins Press, 2010.

As a Royal Marine, Sergeant Farthing, posted to Afghanistan in 2006, hoped to make a difference in the lives of the country’s people. But when he stopped a dogfight and led the canine victim back to the safety of his compound, he did not know that this courageous yet simple act of kindness was the beginning of the difference he would make. Soon another dog appeared at the gate of the Marine camp, and then a pregnant female was given sanctuary. Finally a lactating bitch squeezed her days’ old puppies under the camp’s fencing to security. Farthing knew he could not leave Afghanistan without rescuing the dogs, but military regulations and the Taliban made transporting the animals almost impossible. How Farthing succeeds makes compelling reading. Set against the backdrop of the front lines of war, this is real-life adventure, a story of perseverance and the triumph of goodness (2010 Reed Business Information.) Great read, and you will want to start helping the charitable organization that Farthing founded after you finish this book!


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