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Morning Ladies,
I know I’m way behind with getting you all a update on our goofy lovin Journey.
Stacey, the picture that is attached is specially for you. Journey carries Elmo in his mouth on all our walks andsleeps with Elmo. Elmo is never to far away from him.
We have going to private OB classes every other week. The trainer looked at me the last time we were there and told me you have a very very smart boy. Journey is doing great with all the new commands. The trainer from the get go told us that during her class we would never use our hands on him. (like grabbing his collar & etc) Our hands were for loving and petting. The light bulb came on for Wayne & I and the things she has been teaching us has been wonderful.
We have so many large oak trees in the backyard. The boy will from zero to 3 seconds suck up leaves, acorns and sticks.
Journey does have hip problems. On the X-rays you can see where the hips have started to wear. If you did not know what to look for you would miss it. I have started him on Phycox.
His coat and skin from the red mange is getting much better. The vet had started him on a lime dip every week for 5 weeks. I stopped the lime dip after the 5th week.
Journey is now going to doggie day care twice a week. He gets the wiggle butt and tail wagging when we turn into the drive at the day care. The first day he went, when we got home I had to wake him up to feed him. The day care gives all the dogs a bath before coming home. The owner of the day care told me about a shampoo that she has there called Defendex This shampoo is for the red mange. She started using this on Journey. OMG…all the dry and flaky spots are no longer there.
Stacey, you were so right about Journey loving water. He found where the water was coming from out of the hose on the house the other day and I did not realize the gasket had broken and water was going everywhere. The boy was digging in the mud & water plus had the running zoomies all over the backyard. He loves the kiddie pools at the day care that they have a time getting him out of it. Kiddie pool is on the shopping list this weekend.
Journey will be taking his 1st road trip with us in a couple of weeks. We’re heading to GRRITS. Will miss seeing Jane & Hermine. Journey is going to be so excited being around all those goldens. Plus, he is going to have so much fun being on the water when we go to the little island. Journey gets a AA+++ on socializing.
I have one more picture that I will be sending to all of you. It’s Journey at day care.
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