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Hi Girls!
It’s been 4 months since Chuckie (on the bottom left) has joined our family and turned us from a foster family into a “foster failure”. We never thought when we first got Chuckie that he would steal his way into our hearts the way he has. He’s truly gone from a “wild child’ into a sweet, loving golden who just needed to be shown some patience and attention so he could learn the “right” way to behave. With the help of Cody Beau (on the bottom right) and Harley David (on the top), Chuckie has learned proper puppy social skills with other dogs. Chuckie still has his moments of being wild and crazy, but he’s learned when it’s time to stop. We forgot how much enthusiasm and love a puppy brings to a family. We truly enjoyed fostering for EGRR, but it seemed that Chuckie needed a family more than we needed to foster, so it’s good to know-Chuckie is finally home!
Hugs and tail wags!
Brenda, Larry, Cody Beau and Harley David
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