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Marci is one of our Golden Angels the special name we give to all our foster families. She has been involved in EGRR from the very beginning, and has always been a wonderful foster mom. She and her husband Ken rarely say no to us when we have a dog or pair of dogs that need to be fostering. Once a dog is in their hands, we never have to worry again, because we know that this dog (or dogs) will receive the best care, as well as training, and of course love. When we decided to honor Marci (and Ken) by asking Marci to be our featured volunteer, we didnt realize that she did not want to tell us her whole life story, as so many other volunteers have done in the past, so this story is a little shorter than usual, but just as important. Read and enjoy it, and learn about Marci.


My first Golden was a gift for my 30th birthday and I have been hooked on them ever since. We have had three Goldens over the years plus a Lab who had a litter of pups, an Irish Setter and several rescue mutts.

I grew up in St. Louis with lots of animals. I became a Flight Attendant in 1970 and moved from coast to coast. My husband, a retired pilot, and I moved to Key Largo in 1992. I heard of EGRR from a shelter and became more and more involved.

We have fostered 12 or 14 Goldens. The most challenging were two 8 year olds that were not house broken or socialized but they turned out just great. My favorite would have to be Morgan. His owner died and Morgan had health problems but he is a very special dog. He went to a great home and is his owners best friend.


People always ask how we can give the foster dogs up because we fall in love with them. EGRR finds the best homes. There is never a question about the dogs happiness. I keep in touch with all of my fosters and dog sit for some of them and that is the reward for fostering and having to give them up.


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