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Book Review: Tell Me Where it Hurts

by: Ellen Lindenfeld

Tell Me Where it Hurts: A Day of Humor, Healing and Hope in my Life as an Animal Surgeon. Dr. Nick Trout. New York: Broadway Books, 2008.

An amazing book that deals with both ethical issues and the day to day crises that a veterinary orthopedic surgeon addresses. Had I read this book 5 years ago, it would have changed many of my decisions regarding how to deal with last minute medical emergency situations on the part of my Goldens. Not only did I enjoy this book, I learned so much about medical decisions for our furry friends that will influence my medical decisions in the future. He describes many cases, but a substantial part of the book addresses the ethical issues of euthanasia, and when does the caretaker of an animal say enough is enough. I have not been this touched by a book in a very long time, this is a powerful book, and anyone who loves animals will love this book. Trout recounts a single day in his practice as a veterinary surgeon, but also provides much insight into the relationship between animals and their owners. You laugh, you cry, you think about your options when faced with decisions regarding the health and options you have in extending the life of your dog. Powerful reading; highly recommended.

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