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by Dianne Snow-Posner

EGRR received a call from Palm Beach ACC, asking we would like two puppies. Two puppies it is rare that we ever get puppies, and even rarer that the Shelter would offer us puppies. We knew it was too good to be true and we were right. We were told that these pups were littermates from a pet store, and were almost 7 months old. The pet store had not been able to sell them, and although the female, named Princess was healthy, her brother, Duke, had a heart murmur. If we were willing to take the sick puppy, PBC ACC would give us the healthy puppy also. Otherwise, the Shelter would adopt out Princess, and Duke would be put to sleep. Of course, by now you know what our answer was. Here Diannes version of what happened after we picked up this cute pair.

Now, what can I say about Cody? Our Heart Dog, Chavez had passed away and we werent ready for another dog. But then again, the house did feel very empty. On Tuesday, Duke appeared on the website. No way we had two dogs, and we certainly didnt need another, but then as I said before, the house was so empty, even with the two we had. Then there was Duke (soon to be Cody) on the website. Foster-to-Adopt? Of course that was it!

We went to Clint Moore Animal Hospital to see Cody. Bill took him outside on a leash. Cody was so laid back and so calm on the leash, it was hard to believe he was a puppy. This was a match made in heaven, but we still had doubts because of the heart murmur. After just losing a dog, did we want one with health problems, a special needs dog? Okay we would. Foster-to-Adopt and see how it went.

On our way home, we stopped at PetSmart so we could get him a crate, since he was only 7 months old and had never even lived in a house. He probably came from a puppy mill, and then he lived in a pet store with his sister Princess, so he had a lot to learn. Bill decided Cody needed a big crate, since he would grow. We came out with a huge crate and all the doggie stuff a puppy needs, I have a convertible and the back seat is far from big. The crate and all Codys supplies fit in the back seat, with the top down, but there was no room back there for Cody! We broke all the EGRR rules because Cody got to ride in the front seat, on Bill’s lap, in a convertible with the top down. Well, we had no choice; it was that or leave Cody at PetSmart!

When we got home, Cody was introduced to Shallie and Hunter, our two Goldens. Everyone seemed to get along really well. Then out came the cats. It seemed Cody had never seen a cat up close and personal. His dog instincts took over and the cat was seen as something to be chased. Poor Cody. He never saw it coming. A soda can with pennies in it landed right next to him. A sign from God?? The noise freaked him out, along with the scream and growl. NO CAT!!! It only took a few more times, until he quickly learned he was going to be living with these creatures all three of them and had to get along, and they do now!

Since Cody was a puppy, there was much he had not yet experienced. We have two cockatiels, and Cody had never experienced even one bird. He sat on the chair next to the birds and just stared at them, completely fascinated. I would love to have known what he was thinking at that time. He also met our nasty parrot, Crackers. They live together and know it is a don’t touch situation. Cody never saw squirrels before either, and in our back yard, we have squirrels. The squirrels hang around on the wires and telephone poles staring at Cody, and he stares back. He is fascinated by them running back and forth on the wires and fence. A few weeks ago, he met up with a possum in our yard, I could tell by his bark that he was ‘yelling’ at something and needed our attention. The possum was hanging out on the fence, just staring at Cody, who was barking at him. We got the dogs into the house not knowing what would happen if they came face to face, and the possum left

Cody was gradually being exposed to everything new and he needed a teacher, so he began to follow in Hunter’s paw steps, both good and bad. Hunter eats paper. Now Cody eats paper. The list goes on and on, but Cody’s disposition is nothing like his big brother Hunter. As he got older he continued to be laid back and at the age of three, he is as calm and gentle as the day we picked him up Our Cody is sweet and quiet. He loves people and kids and other dogs. He is our sweetheart and I am so happy he came into our lives.

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