Hello Jane,

Hope you are doing fine!

As per our phone conversation here are a few lines to tell you how Jeffrey is doing.  Well he is doing great! I will say he has adapted already to his new  home and family and is very happy to be here.

He is an adorable puppy that literally melts in your arms like Stacey said.  He is  playfull with the kids and I can tell he feels like he is part of this family  already.  Our friends had come to meet the new member of the family and I can  tell Jeffrey is loved by many. He has already stolen the heart of a

We are very happy to have adopted him and we know me made the right decision when  we contacted you guys.  We feel very blessed to have him with us.  I just wanted  to share something with you.  Our dog Bailey that passed away in April 29 of  this year was born on May 29, Jeffrey was born on May 25, 2011… we feel he is a  little gift from “dog heaven” sent by our lovable Bailey.

Well again thanks for allowing us to be part of the Everglades Golden Retriever  Rescue and for entrusting us with Jeffrey!  Now Jeffrey Alexander (in honor of  Bailey Alexander) R.


Viviana, Julian and Isabella R.

P.S. a few photos of Jeffrey for the records and the website