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Ive been meaning to write you good folks at EGRR.Its been about 6 months since we rescued Rex and he is a wonderful dog. It took about 2.5 months for him to really start bonding with me and feel as if he was home. How do I know? Well when we first got Rex, as a few of you know he had terrible storm and anxiety issues. He never made eye contact, hardly wagged his tail and was somewhat despondent. Rather than force him, I allowed him to be the dog he is and accept us, and his place here, on his time. After about 2 and half months its like a light bulb went of–he makes regular eye contact, wags his tail regularly(I even think he smiles), is great on the leash, plays with us, the other dogs and himself, and is generally a very happy dog. I think the most important thing was recognizing that he was, in some way wounded emotionally that is. Whatever his story, he was displaced and Im sure suffered much stress during the entire transition from his first family to us. As with all living creatures trust is paramount and while its not that he didnt trust us with his safety, Im not sure in the beginning that he didnt trust us with his heart. He is my number 1 boy now; we spend as much time together as possible. I walk him 3 miles a day and we have a weekly trip to the dog park. I cant even begin to describe the pleasure I receive from this dog, he is my buddy and pal. Thank you so much Jane, Jill, Linda, Hermine for all your help in the beginning I had never experienced a dog with storm issues and your guidance was invaluable.


Donna G.

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