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Gender: Female
Age: 14 months
Status: Adopted!

Izzy is one of the most beautiful Golden Retriever puppies you will ever see.  She was surrendered to EGRR by her family because they claimed the she was “uncontrollable”.  After thoroughly reading her intake profile, we are sure that Izzy is “uncontrollable” because her family did everything wrong!   She has been kept outside, was never crate trained or housebroken, and was frequently grabbed by the collar for discipline.  Since EGRR requires obedience training for all dogs under 2, as a condition for adoption, we know that in the right hands, she will become not just a good dog, but a great dog!

We were told that Izzy had some hip problems, so we took her to see the orthopedist, who decided that she was not a candidate for surgery, since she was completely asymptomatic.  His advice was not to show her the x-rays, so instead we placed her in a foster home.  Izzy has been in a foster home now for about three months.  Here is an update from her foster family.

 This has been a maturing experience for her as she grows through her puppy stage. Izzy has been learning how to walk on a leash, come on command and become “housebroken”, to name a few. She has been getting along well with other dogs, young children, and new environments under the supervision of her foster parents. She is frequently stopped on walks at the beach, park, or pet store and complimented on her beauty. But don’t let her looks fool you into believing she is a high maintenance gal, especially when she runs excitedly as she plays catch, or rolls on her back in the grass with her bone, and our favorite 😉 digs for buried treasure! Even when Izzy does get into a little puppy trouble, she is easily corrected and listens VERY well.

Despite the history with her hips, Izzy has never shown any signs of discomfort while as the foster home. Her walks are moderate and she is carefully observed for any fatigue to keep her strong. All of her skin issues are clearing up and her coat is looking very healthy. She does take a small amount of medication for continued support for her skin. 

Izzy is comparable to the “All American Girl”! She is beautiful, smart and quick to learn, outgoing, playful, and kind. However, you should be warned, this wonderful animal is a thief… and she WILL steal your heart!



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