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Journey update for you golden ladies!!!


We started OB classes with him a week or so after we got him home. The classes were one on one with the trainer. She told us right off the bat that we had a very smart boy and that we were going to have our hands full with him. I also at that time started taking him to doggie day care twice a week. Lordy, these two days were the only days I could get anything done at home. Then with me losing my job we had to stop OB classes but I have kept him in doggie day care. The owner of the doggie day care takes her staff to this trainer every week and the trainer comes to the day care. The owner of the day care and I have both said that Journey has ADD….he so smart that he can’t stay focused on one thing at a time. Jane, it’s like that Jimmy Buffett song…”In One Ear And Out The Other”.

He is doing much better about not counter surfing..his little mind slips up at times!

He still eats sticks…there is nothing I can do about that because of all the oak trees in the backyard. With oak trees you have acorns. He would eat them too. We had to rush him to the vet because of the acorns. He now has to wear a muzzle when we go outside because of the acorns and the little s*&t has figured out how to get a stick with the muzzle not acorns just sticks…ugh!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I really don’t know just how much time Foster Mom Stacey took out with him. Just that she had another golden and they played together but no OB. It has been hairy at times with him. He is so smart that he gets bored real quick that I run out of things to do with him to keep his mind to tire out…NOT going to happen. You can watch him and see his mind is turning 90 miles a hour. Give him a Kong filled with peanut butter and he is done in 15 minutes and his mind is ready for something else to get into. Oh, he is a mountain goat/cat…..I can take two steps into the kitchen and he is climbing from loveseat to the chair next to it to go over a table to get to the recliner until I bust him.

Journey has learned the basic training and other commands from the trainer we went to.

Have attached a couple of pictures of Journey. The first two he was at doggie day care. The one with all three us was taken at a doggie event downtown Mobile. Journey is so social and I’m thankful for that because of doggie day care. He weighs 71 lbs…have started the green beans to get a few pounds off of him. His coat is much better after having the mange. The owner of the doggie day care told me about a shampoo called DEFENDEX made by VETIONX.

He loves to go into our bedroom in the afternoons to get on the bed just to hang while we are in there. He still has the sweetest smile and the sweetest expression on his face. He is still crated at night and during the day when are gone. He still carries ELMO in his mouth when we take our walks, takes ELMO when we go for a ride in the car and sleeps with ELMO.

Journey turns 2 this Saturday the 31st……I’m so hoping that he will start to settle.

Will there be a sister or brother for Journey…..not until I can trust him and not have to keep my eye on him 24/7. We will start back to OB classes when I start working more hours.

Hope the Expo is a huge success and Barb, we’ll see you soon at GRRITS.



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