Hi everyone in EGRR from chilly upstate New York!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that thanks to the efforts of all of you wonderful people, Chloe made it safely to Rochester, New York, to her FURever home with me! Brittany brought her up by plane the week of Thanksgiving and spent the weekend with me getting her acclimated. She is doing well and seems to be thriving in the cold temperatures (That warm fur coat is helpful up here!). She is so happy and sweet and every person she meets falls in love with her immediately. I am so happy to have her back with me, I can’t believe we have come full circle! A year ago on Thanksgiving Britt and I were fostering her, and this year she is mine forever! I had a lot to be thankful for.

I want to sincerely thank each of you that contributed to getting her out of her bad situation that she was in. Although it was awful what she went through, I am thankful that it brought her back to me where I can give her all the love and care she needs, and NEVER LET HER GO!!! You all went so above and beyond to help Chloe, and I can speak for us both when I say how much it means to us. I want to especially thank Jane and Hermine for letting me adopt her right away!! The papers are in the mail!

But MOST of all, I want to sincerely thank Brittany Johnson. Britt not only fostered Chloe during her transition time, but flew a 70lb golden retriever all the way up the east coast, and braved the cold temperatures to make sure Chloe made it to her forever home safe and sound. Brittany is a truly devoted and loving person whose selfless acts brought her, Chloe, and I all back together and gave me the greatest gift of all-Chloe in my life!!! (I got a little choked up writing this!!-it means to much to me!)

I want all of you to know how honored I feel to have been a part of an organization with such committed and compassionate people, who work together to help such wonderful animals. Please know that Chloe will be loved and take care of for the rest of her life. Enjoy these pics of all of us back together! I also included a pic of Chloe and I with my boyfriend, who Chloe immediately fell in love with, of course:-) He’s really sweet to Chloe and loves her already too!!!

So much to be thankful for this holiday season-all of you and of course, our Goldens!!