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Book Review: 30 Days to a Well-Mannered Dog: The Loved Dog Method

by Tamar Geller. New York: Gallery Books, 2010.

Those familiar with Gellers Loved Dog will find new stories to build on and freshen up its content and approach, though she does include some of the same celebrity dog-training stories. Her friendly, conversational style guides readers to become coaches of their canine friends while drawing parallels to other relationships. She recommends a sequential approach to the interconnected daily chapters (divided into weekly segments, with end-of week summations), but the detailed contents make it easy to skip around. Geller conveys that 30 days of positive experiences can create the foundation for good habits and an incredible relationship, and that most dogs are coachable.(Library Journal, 2011).
I thoroughly enjoyed Gellers Loved Dog, and was once again very impressed with her new book. Also available on CD, Geller provides an appendix in both books about the horrors of puppy mills, and recently when asked by two different people about purchasing a dog from a pet store, I recommended that they read this book, knowing it would change their mind about buying that pup in the pet store window.

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