Expo 2013 Is History!

Expo 2013 was the best Expo ever! Everyone loved our new location. There was lots of room to sit in the shade under the pavilion. People could walk around with ease. The raffle baskets and silent auction were wonderful. The demos and games were loads of fun, but as usual the highlight of the day was the Parade of Rescues. For a change this year, the dogs in the Parade received beautiful rosettes instead of toys, and lots of dogs walked around with their rosettes attached to their collars. The consensus of opinion was that we come back to this location again next year, so we are planning to reserve the site in the next few weeks. Below we have a sample of the pictures from Expo. To see more, click here Expo 123 Expo 109 Expo 121 Expo 66 Expo 57 Expo 50 Expo 46 Expo 31 Expo 26 Expo 14 Expo 130 Expo 133