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Just have to tell you all how happy Zeus and I are. I fostered him for two weeks and then on 1/27/09 adopted him. And oh what a joy he is!

If I listed all his wonderful qualities, this would be an unending Email. So I’ll just name a few.

1. He came to me wonderfully trained – an 8 year old with only one sort of bad habit — over-enthusiasm when meeting other dogs or people on walks. But that is now corrected and he sits and waits for them to approach him.

2. He does not try to get out of doors. He was supposed to be an escape artist. I suspect he was just left alone and got out of a yard.

3. He is the most patient and affectionate dog I have ever had and we had many including several wonderful goldens.

4. He only barks hello and does not bark when left alone. He shows no separation anxiety. The longest I have left him is 4 hours.

5. He just loves all his toys and is so much fun to play with – acts like a puppy.

6. My vet, Dr. Martin, says he is an extremely healthy senior golden with very young teeth!

Etc., Etc., Etc.

Thank you all for you dedication to saving so many goldens and for bringing Zeus to me. He has made my life so much more complete.

Nancy B

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