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Hi Jane,

Yesterday, Alexis called me at work, we made the appointmentand went to seeLola last night,right after work and she is home with us now,in her “forever home”. Alexis has a beautiful family, I know it was hard for them to let go Lola, it was very emotional for everybody including us because we understand. Lola is so lucky that she had such a great foster family, they took such a good care of her and loved her so much !!!

Alexis gaveus priceless information about Lola.We read the contract, she explained everything tous.She also gave us very helpful information aboutpreventive meds, food, vitamins, etc.

We can’t no express with wordshow happy we are with Lola !!!!! She is ageorgeous girl !!!!! and so , so, so sweet and well behaved !!!!!! She takes her ball everywhere she goes !!!!! She loves playing with her ball !!!!!Anthonyand her had so much fun yesterday and this morning before he went to school, I took the day off so I can stay with her and not to leave her alone her first day home, she is here now next to me resting.We already took pictures, I’ll send you and Alexis some pictures tonight.

We want to thank you, Ken and Alexis for giving us the chance to share our lives with such a great dog !!!

Yisell and Family

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