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EGRR’S First Champion — Ginger #301

Ginger MACH

Update on Little Miss Ginger: On February 16, 2014 she earned her MACH which stands for Master Agility Champion, the high AKC agility title a dog can earn. Ginger is EGRR’s first Champion!!!! You will be reading about Ginger and her road from a discarded puppy to a Champion, in our next newsletter.

Little Miss Ginger is NOT available for adoption. She was adopted by former board member Barbara Sheedy in December 2005, at the age of 7 months. At the time Barb was looking for a middle aged male, but was convinced to adopt this female puppy.

Barb and Ginger have competed in Agility and Ginger has just received her C-ACH title which is an Agility Championship in Companion Performance Events. She is only a few points away from earning her MACH title which is an AKCAgility Championship. We are so proud of Barb and Ginger.

Watch for Ginger’s story in our newsletter sometime this coming spring.

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