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Watch Our Puppies Grow

6/18/09: Sky, the last of the EGRR puppies, was adopted today, by a former EGRRadopter,and went homewith her “forever” family. Our foster family is feeling a little lonely because Lady went to a foster-to-adopt home on Monday, and they are now left with just 2 puppies, their own and the one whose “forever” family is ontheir honeymoon. She will be gone by next week at this time.They won’t be sad for long because caring for 2 puppies is a lot easier than caring for 6. We have pictures of some of the puppies with their new families in our Happy Endings section.

6/11/09: At 8 weeks, all our puppies were supposed to go to their “forever” homes, but 2 days before the BIG DAY, we received a tearful phone call from Sky’s new family. An immediate family member had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, necessitatingthat theymake frequent trips out of the county in the next few months. They knew that their lives would be chaotic and that this was no way to begin life with a new puppy, so now Sky is looking for her “forever” home.

Since she had only met this family once, she has no relationship with them, and does not know that she has suffered a loss. She is just a happy-go-lucky puppy, who is very sweet, and is in the process of learning about the world. She has just learned that her world contains tennis balls! She is still living with 2 of her sisters; the one being adopted by her foster family, and the one waiting for her “forever” family to return from their honeymoon. We would love to place her as soon as possible, so that she doesn’t continue to bond with her foster family. Since she is the favorite of one of the little boys who live with her, it will be best for him if she doesn’t stay much longer. Of course, we will not sacrifice finding the perfect home for the speed in getting her adopted.

6/6/09: The puppies are now 7 wks old and don’t look very different than they looked a week ago — only bigger. They have received their first series of vaccines and were microchipped (see picture). Theywere visited by their new families, and selections have been made. This was not easy since they are all so cute and sweet. Next week they will move out of their foster home into their “forever” homes and begin their new lives. Lady will be glad to see them go, so that her milk can finish drying up and we can find out what needs to be done for her hips.

5/29/09: The puppies will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. They are no longer nursing, and have just begun to eat real kibble. They love to play with each other; biting, rolling, and chewing is their idea of fun. They also like splashing in their water bowl. All the pups have outgrown their string indentifiers and are wearing real collars. They have even been outside in the yard, but the rain has been keeping them inside most of the day.They appear to be very affectionate and are as sweet as their mom, Lady. According to their foster family, they are all beginning to display unique personalities. They will get their first vaccines on Monday, and they can then be visited by their prospective adopters.

5/18/09: the puppies are now 4 weeks old. They are being weaned and are allowed outside in their foster mom’s yard. They are very active, playing with each other, eating well and in good health. The vet says all their hearts, eyes, and ears are good, and their hips appear to be tight (which is good). They weigh between 6 and 7 pounds, which is a great size .
They are chewing on each other — mom is starting to growl at them when she doesn’t want them to bother her. That’s ok, and perfectly normal. Lady is just showing limits and boundaries to her babies like all moms should!

5/9/09: At 21 days old, the puppies now have teeth and are starting to walk. By the middle of the next week, we will be moving them out of the whelping box into an X-pen, because they will be able to scale the top of the whelping box by then. Today they tasted real food for the first time — Green Girl (a.k.a. Limey) really took to it, and would still be eating if we had let her. Some of the others weren’t quite sure, and even fell asleep with their heads on the rim of the bowl. Not to worry, they are Goldens and will all be eating very soon.

5/1/09: At 2 weeks old, the smallest smallest puppy is already 3 lbs. Their eyes and ears are opening, and they are more vocal than they were before. They are beginning to push up on their front feet and will be walking before we know it. They now look like dogs instead of guinea pigs.

4/25/09: At a week old, Lady’s puppies each weighed about 2 lbs, which means they doubled their weight in a week. Their faces are no longer pink and are covered with fur, and their pads have changed from pink to black.

EGRR and Lady proudly announced the arrival of 6 little girls. They were all beautiful and perfect. Lady and her family are living together in a wonderful foster home, and she is a doting Mom.

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