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JackieGender: Female
Age: 4 yrs
Status: Adopted

Jackie was brought to us from Miami by a woman who found her asleep on the front porch. She named her Jackie and took her to the vet to check for a microchip. Turns out she was chipped but the chip was never registered, so any attempt to find her owner led to a dead end. Since the family already had 2 other dogs, they were unable to house a third one, and so she lived with a neighbor for 2 weeks, while they searched for her owner. Finally, she was surrendered to EGRR.

Jackie appears to be a healthy girl although she does have thickening of her ear flaps indicating chronic ear infections. Of course we will treat her ears and make her more comfortable. She also has a staph infection in the creases of her body, the result of living outdoors in our humid Florida climate. The same antibiotic used for her ears will clear this up too. Jackie appears to have had a litter a few months ago because her teats are still hanging down, and her coat is a bit sparse. (Once the moms no longer need coat to keep their puppies warm, they shed very badly). Once her staph infection is cleared up, she will be ready to be spayed.

Our vets judge her to be about 4, although she might be even younger, since her teeth are pearly white and have no tartar. She lived with young children during the past 2 weeks and has been wonderful with them, although EGRR will not place her in a home with kids under 9, since she was a stray. She also gets along with other dogs, and made friends with everyone (2 and 4 legged creatures) in the waiting room at Clint Moore. If you would like to meet this charmer with one white front paw, call EGRR and let us know.


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