Riley 1ARiley 2A

Gender: Female

Age: 10 years

Status: Adoption pending

Riley was surrendered to EGRR along with her “brother” Rascal.  They were owned by a gentleman during the course of his first marriage.  When that marriage dissolved they stayed in his loving care, however, he later remarried and the family now consisted of his Goldens, 2 Pomeranians and a young child.  As time passed, a new baby joined the family, and you guessed it, the Goldens had become personae non gratis.  Although the husband really loved these dogs, he was not going to fight his wife on the issue and sadly he turned them over to us.

We were told that Riley and Rascal were very bonded and had to be placed together, so we waited and waited for a good home for both of them.  After a while, the kennel staff informed us that both dogs were happiest when they were away from each other.  Whether it was the close quarters of a kennel run, or whether they preferred to be apart once they were comfortable in their surroundings, we do not know, but we listened to the folks who knew them best at this time, and decided to separate them.  Rascal went home with a former adopter, who had been eying him for a long time.

So now it is Riley’s turn to find her “forever” home.  She is as sweet as can be and loves attention.  She came to us grossly overweight with a coat that was a matted mess.  She had to be shaved, but now her beautiful coat is growing back.  A special diet has enabled her to lose weight, but she still has a ways to go.  Even when she was obese, she was still active and loved to run and play ball. We have decided that Riley would do best as an only dog – she needs attention and that situation will assure that she gets it.  If you would like to meet this active senior, please contact EGRR and ask about her.  She will be a great addition to almost any household.