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7/16/09 Hi Hermine:

This is my little girl yesterday at the pool. She was at the vet yesterday and she weighs 22 lbs. The vet said she is in wonderul shape. We love her.

Kathy P

6/28/09We went to the Vet last Tues and had shots. She weighed 16 lbs so she gained 3 lbs. I have her on Natural Balance food now and she is doing well. She is almost completely potty trained and she tries to bring our newspaper to the door for us. What a riot that is!
She had her first pool day with our Sally Mae on Friday. They had a ball and she began to swim. My husband showed her how to get in the pool via the steps and she now is learning fast. What a wonderful baby girl.
She gets up once per night for a pottie about 2AM. Otherwise she is fairly quiet and I crate her at night. She voluntarily goes in and out of her crate because we keep her in the family room with us. The crate has toys and her water and food when it is time to eat. She really feels at home in there.
Thanks for all.
We love Dottie.

6/14/009 Our baby girl has done so well. Absolutely no accidents in the house as I have her on a very tight schedule. My husband helps too for pottie breaks. She is on the couch asleep with her head on her toy and right next to Jack. She has been playing with toys and running with Sally. So far, she is pretty ok with the cats too so all is going great. We love her already. Oh, and she slept on my bed with me and Sally last night. She went peepee last time at 11PM and we got up at 6 AM and went outside. She has been just great.
Hope this finds you well. Oh, I freeze a Kong baby size and she loves to chew on it with her little teeth. Makes her tired.
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