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7/24/09 According to her Mom, she is growing!!!!!

6/24/09 Just wanted to give you an update on our little girl. We had our first outing with her yesterday. Went for her first Dr. visit. She now weighs 18lbs.! Everything was good, she got her second shot and received her first heartworm pill and frontline. And got her razor nails clipped! Everyone loved her of course. So it was a very good Dr. visit. Then went to a friends home and met some new people. She’s really good with her socialization skills.

At home she’s also doing well. A few issues, it’s all good. Just puppy stuff…cords, door knobs, she got a hold of my Brighton eyeglasses (my fault). Her and Phoenix are doing just so so. It’s mostly Phoenix, we think he’s just showing his dominate side, or we hope anyway. Sometimes he’s really good. It will just take time I’m sure. Today, is Phoenix Day…I’m taking himout for a few errands with me. Want him to feel special too!

Thanksfor everythingyou guys did for us.

6/14/09 Here are a couple of pictures. Of course the best “Kodak” moments have happened when we didn’t have the camera!For example she found the pool…by accident! Following too close to Phoenix and went too far to the side…before we could grab her…oops! So funny…she just started swimming right to the steps and tried to climb out. Hope she not scared for life!

She’s eating really well and slept all night. Didn’t wake us up until 6:30. Phoenix still isn’t quite sure what to think…he needs more time.

But all is good. Will write more later. It’s feeding time!


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