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Lady (Now Known as Kadee) — Her Happy Ending

6/16Its always a touch and go when introducing a new member to the pack but Lady was VERY Easy. Cody took to her immediately and wanted to play and she was very good about it. The poodles as I expected were not completely thrilled and I think will be writing their union about the new addition but they are warming up to the fact that the pack is at full compliment again. Last night she slept in our bedroom with the other 3 dogs and was perfect. I took her out this morning and she did her business and played with Jodys dog Lucy and Cody. She ate her food and woke Patti up with kisses. So, all in all a really nice start. She seems very happy.

6/22 Shes been dream. She had her trip to the dog park yesterday and she had a lot of fun with all the dogs. She came home and chilled out with a fun swim in the pool with Cody. Watched golf in the afternoon and was fantastic with Brendon our 11 month old Grandson.


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