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Buddy — A Happy Ending

Sorry for the lapse in communications. Buddy is doing extremely well. We went to NC for a long weekend and somehow, he hurt his left rear leg and was limping severely when we picked him up from the sitter. There was no incident to speak of and we took him immediately toour good Vet who, after x-rays etc, said he has really tight knees and arthritis has set in. We put him on medication and after about 2.5 mos he is fine,jumping around and sometimes eager for long walks. He has a tendency to chub up (as we do) but we are watching him and he isn’t gaining much now.
He has turned out to be a good companion and is happy here. Our quiet life suits him and he loves when we have company because then he can drag out ALL of his toys and display them. I’ll attempt of send some recent photos and if this attempt doesn’t work, I’ll try again !
Jim, Carole and Buddy
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