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Hi everyone,

Thought Id give you an update on Zack, sorry its been a few weeks since Ive updated you guys. Since I last wrote his name has changed to Sam. I was working on changing it before, but I wanted to make sure it stuck with him and it has. Sam and I have been pretty busy these last several weeks. Weve been to Jacksonville where we played on the beach. He loves digging in the sand, and not just any sand, it has to be the sand right under your chair so not only is he in the hole but you and your chair are as well. If I hadnt stopped him, hed a dug himself to China. Hes not too fond of the ocean, the waves and their sound scare him a bit but were working on it still. The next weekend we packed up our bikes and drove up to Ft. Lauderdale and took our first bike ride on the boardwalk. He does absolutely wonderful on his leash trotting beside a bike. We stopped regularly for some ice cold water and to relax in the shade and at the end of the day we cooled him off at the beach showers. He was passed out in the truck before we made it home and slept through the night. The weekend after that we were in town and stayed at his dads house (Koi). This is Sams FAVORITE place as Koi lives on a big boat on the Miami River. Sam loves running around the dock and visiting with Kois neighbor, Bob. Hes actually made himself quite at home on Bobs boat. Every time we let him out to walk him he makes a beeline for Bobs boat and does a dance at the end of the walkway to get on board. Our most recent trip was last weekend, we went to Daytona Beach to visit more family. It was Kois sisters birthday so the whole family was there and Sam made sure not to miss out on anything. Other than that, Sam spends his days either at home hanging with my roommate or at Kois, when Koi isnt working. Of course he prefers Kois place because he gets to sleep in and then spend the rest of the day on the boat with both Bob and Koi barking at fisherman passing by and sniffing around on the dock. His other favorite pastime is going for rides in the car so we take him everywhere we go if possible and as you can see, sometimes he gets lucky and gets to go to work with his dad.

Sam has his first vet appointment next week at the Coral Gables Animal Hospital. Ill let you know how that goes. Also, Stacey (Sams foster mom) said she would try and get me his date of birth. Would you happen to have that? Ive never heard from her.

Ive attached some pictures of Sam, sorry there arent more. Weve been so busy lately I havent had the chance to download them yet, these were taken with our phones. Ill send more as soon as I get them. As youll see, hes not camera shy at all.quite the opposite, hes a camera hog.

Hope all is well with you and your pups.

Shelley, Koi and Sam

Hi Jane,
Zack is doing absolutely wonderful. Yesterday was his first time to the “Bark Park”. He felt things out slowly and didn’t go too far from me, but he still ran, played and sniffed all the dogs. Afterwards we walked to Lincoln Road, the local outdoor shopping area, and ate dinner then went home and passed out. He keeps busy during the day with my roommate either helping clean the house by chasing the vacuum cleaner around or relaxing on the couch while she watches tv. This weekend Zack and I are off to Jacksonville with my friend Koi to visit his family. While up there, we’ll be going to a local beach that’s dog friendly. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to get plenty of pictures….

Thanks again for everything. Zack has definitely been the perfect addition to our family.
Have a great weekend!

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