Hi Jane,
Thank you so much!
We are extremely happy with our new additions to the family. They are really wonderful dogs, so well behaved and loving. We feel truly lucky to have them in our lives. My girls at college say they can’t wait to come and play with them and I am eager to leave work early for the same reason. My son is in heaven as they have decided they like sleeping in his room and I must say they do a pretty good job of waking him up in the morning to go to school:)
 Maggie and Hunter have settled in nicely and inspected every part of the house when they came home. They seem to especially like running around in the big yard. We will probably take them swimming this weekend when we can all get in and enjoy it.
We also enjoyed meeting Marci and Ken. They are such nice people and took such good care of the Goldens. I will email Marci later this week as i want to know where she bought the dog food she was giving them. We are trying to keep them on the same routine.

Thank you again for bringing Hunter and Maggie to us. It’s great to know  an organization like EGRR is out there.

Michelle & Mike