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Cally formerly known as Bonnie

Hello Jane and all of the other wonderful volunteers at Everglades,

We wanted to share how Calypso, called Cally, (previous known as Bonnie) has adjusted. We are in love! We feel loved! We believe she knows she is home!
I have never seen a dog who expresses happiness with her vertical jumping, smiling snorts, and wagging every furry inch, as much as Cally! I think we are all beginning to wag now! Her manners are only getting better as she learns some of the common skills like “sit” and “on your bed”. Although she is still extremely and utterly hopeful, she doesn’t expect handouts anymore. We are confident that her skills will only get better cause she is a very bright girl!

We (who on the other hand, may not be as bright : ) are learning as well, such as which pet toys are really doggie-durable and that a slice of pizza on the counter is just too much of a temptation! The 6 cats have adjusted for the most part. Some trot up to her on our walk or follow us around the neighborhood. Others have figured out the safest place to observe this massive creature is through the railing upstairs or perched on the top of the cat tower. The territories seem to be shared or defined for the most part, so we are content.
Cally is, without doubt, the best ball catcher in the family! She has entertained us so much with her high spirit and ball antics. Her weight continues to come down as we walk and swim with her regularly. She absolutely loves water and would sit in the pool all day (tossing the ball for herself even) if we would let her. When we realized that she didn’t really respond to the name Bonnie, we renamed her Calypso. This seemed appropriate because our pooch is a beautiful goddess who loves the water just like the mythology/Pirates of the Caribbean character! You’d be happy to know that we did rule out one of the suggested names of “Sausage” despite the fact that she also still loves to chow down at meal time. Her string bean and kibble serving lasts all of 6 seconds! I believe her very dainty canine burp is a sign from her that she is satisfied! Just the though of her puts a smile on our faces and helps get the kids home sooner after school… : )

Thanks to everyone who provided a loving transition for this wonderful 5 year old pup. The resources and warm support have been exceptional.

We wish you and your beloved critters well!
Carolyn, Scott, Lauren, Shawn, Jenna, James and Cally!

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