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All, hope all is well. Time flies. It has been a year already since we started fostering Hogan….

Well, we couldn’t be happier.

He is the greatest, ,most lovable dog in the world. Every person that meets him, falls in love with him right away. As a matter of fact, we have a couple of friends that have recently adopted dogs because of the way Hogan is.

He has the sweetest temper, he is never in a bad mood and even if he is by himself for awhile, he greets you with a wagging tail.

Now that he’s learned to get into the pool, he loves it; he will lay on the pool deck for awhile and then he would go through the steps to get into the pool and refresh himself.

He has a very good friend in the block, his name isJake and he is a Rhodesian Ridgeback; he plays, swims, etc. with Hogan.

I guess you can see we made the right decision when we decided to adopt him. He is a spoiled dog, getting all natural food, holistic treats, etc.

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