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Hi Hermine:
As you know, we moved to GA. We have a fenced backyard. Dottie had never been off the leash outside but now she is and she has ghosts chasing her as she runs and runs. Too funny.
I have taught her “wait, sit, down, lay down, out of the kitchen, leave it and go get daddy”. She is marvelous and we love her so much. She and Sally are good pals now. Dottie does not bother the cats at all anymore since she knows “leave it”.
She weighs about 47 and has a lovely curly coat. She has beautiful teeth. She lets me cut her nails and clean her ears and brush her teeth without a problem.She loves to be brushed. She also is quite the couch girl with Mommy and the blankets. What a girl – cannot tell you how much we love her. I forgot to mention that she is a barker. I can sleep with the window open because I now have a guard dog. Sally is not a barker. She is too busy being pretty to bark.
I hope you are well and your hubby too and of course, the girls. Happy Holidays.
Talk to you soon.
Kathy P
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