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It was the week before Christmas, when we received an emergency phone call about a young Golden stray in Miami and immediately sent a volunteer to pick him up. As soon as our volunteer saw Noel, he knew thathe was not a Golden, but because it was almost Christmas, he just couldn’t bear the thought of this boy possibly ending up in a shelter, so he brought him north to Clint Moore. Of course, by now you know how he got his new name! We put out calls to all the Lab rescue groups in the area, but got no reponses, so we assumed responsiblity for this beautiful boy.

Our Intake Coordinator regularly checks the Lost & Found ads in the local newspaper, looking for found Goldens, with the idea that if the owners don’t show up, EGRR can rescue these dogs.This time, instead of a found Golden ad, she saw a lost Lab ad! Lo and behold, a phone call revealed that this was Noel’s family. He had gotten out of the yard when the gardener left the gate open. Since it was Sunday night, they had to wait until the next day to get their boy home. Here he is with his “mom” who generously gave us a donation for returning her “Scout”. What a wonderful Christmas present for Scout and his family!

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