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Age:4 yrs
Gender: F
Status: Adoption pending

Meet Peri, one of our newest Turkey dogs. Peri came to us on a passenger flight with one of the Turkish volunteers, who was returning to her home in Florida. She arrived in Miami, where she was greeted by EGRR volunteers, and was then transported her to Clint Moore. We named her Peri, which is a Turkish fairy. This fairy is at times very, very good, and at other times very, very bad! Does that sound like anyone you know?

When Peri arrived at the airport, it was thought that she might be sick, because she was so quiet, but by the time she was settled in at Clint Moore she was looking to play with her travel buddy. A vet exam showed that she was in good health, although her teeth could use a cleaning, and she desperately needed a pedicure. Just to be safe, she is currently in iso at Clint Moore, because we dont know if she is harboring anything like kennel cough.

It is believed that Peri had a litter of puppies that were taken away from her as soon as they were weaned, and that she was set free in the forest. Here is a picture of her, when she was found.Poor Peri!

But now her life has turned around. If you want to adopt this Turkish fairy, contact EGRR.

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