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Hi Marlene,

Murphy and I wish you and everyone at EGRR a Happy New Year! Murphy has been quite busy this year. We moved back into my home in east Delray Beach since my father passed away.He loves being at his new home considering he has lots of new friends here in the community. His best friends are Ellis,the Weimaraner and Buckley, the Great Dane who lives next door.

Last spring, his brother Astor,an 18 year old rescue kitty was allegedly attacked by a neighbor’s Chow and disappeared for almost 6 weeks. Thanks to Murphy anda neighbor’s Jack Russell, Bill, they found him 100 yards from the house. Astor had lost half of his body weight and had days left to live. Murphy was by his side throughout his recovery and keeps a close watch on him now! What a hero!

A few months ago we took a wonderful trip down to the keys and he swam and swam and swam! He also made friends at the restaurant next to our hotel (The Lookout Lodge…dog friendly),Mile Marker 88, where he enjoyed Doggy ice cream and biscuits. He loved it!

Murphyspenta wonderful 2nd Christmas with us and he is the love of our lives.We couldn’t be luckier!

All the best!
Kind regards,
Stephanie W

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