This marks the 7th anniversary that we picked up Chuckie from Clint Moore Animal Hospital and brought home the wildest little golden that we ever met! We both remember that within 30 minutes of his arrival, he jumped through the front screen window, waited by the front door, and seemed to say, “Let’s go play!” This was the first of several front window break outs! But, the little guy never ran away!

Although he has put us through many worries (eating the razor blade, eating the toy animal, eating the onion with the broken glass — the boy likes to eat!) the joy he has given to us has been so rewarding. He’s our little boy that has so much love to give, everyone in the neighborhood knows him. And, we are so lucky to have such an “exuberant” golden.

He is also the best big brother that Jolie could have. He shares all of his toys and Jolie literally takes them out of his mouth. But, Chuckie doesn’t care; he just gets another one. He also plays with Jolie. They rumble and tumble until we have to break them up! He’s absolutely her best friend!

And, out of 7 golden retrievers, Chuckie is the best at many things. He can do “down” quicker and better than anyone! He also is a great “observer.” In North Carolina, he’ll sit and watch the wildlife for hours; just observing, not barking or trying to bother them.  He’s a great traveler. He’ll ride in the back seat when we travel and wait his turn to “get out” when we’re at the rest stops. We really do adore him.

So, we want to thank you for asking us to be his foster family….turned forever family. Although he was some hard work in the beginning, it was all worth it. He’s our 6th little golden boy and like all our Goldens, he holds a very special place in our hearts.

Please know that he is very loved. Thank you for our Chuckie Cheese!
Brenda and Larry


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