The story of Quincy, one of our Turkey Dogs

As we approach the six month anniversary of adopting Quincy, our Turkey dog, we are so glad that we gave him a chance in our home. He is a well mannered, sweet male who has never shown one ounce of aggression or even any reaction to another dog during dog obedience class or toward our  ten year old female golden.  They are great playmates and our  ten year old is much more active since Quincy arrived. Quincy is absolutely a very special golden and I hope that more potential adopters will consider the special  needs of these goldens  that we are helping out. There are many days when he stares out of our gate like he maybe misses “running in the streets”, and I find myself often wondering what his life was like in Turkey as a stray. He salivates much more than any of my other ten goldens and perhaps that is because he went hungry in the streets so we just put down towels on the floor  and forgive him for that.  He has worked his way into our hearts and I cannot say thank you enough to Jane, who convinced us to give him a chance when we were on the fence about adopting another dog three months after we lost our 15 year old rescued golden. He is a beautiful, sweet golden retriever and, in my opinion, demonstrates all of the best characteristics of the breed.  We are working slowly but hope to gain his CGC with the assistance of our dog trainer.  Thank you all at EGRR for sending this special boy to us- we adore him!!