Xena, aka Z, Xena Lulu, Xeenie Beenie, Pooood and Z-dog; was adopted from EGRR in November 2015, although, she came into our family months before as a foster-to-adopt. From that day forward she has brought joy to our lives every single day.  You see, this beautiful girl had been used for breeding and was heartworm positive.  Since she was heartworm positive we had to wait for her to complete treatment before we could adopt this wonderful girl.

At first she was so very shy to strangers, but, has grown to be a confident fun loving girl with a big bark.  She can sit as still as a statue, especially, at the vet where she refuses to look at Dr. Herrington. I’m convinced it’s: “If I can’t see you then you can’t see me.”  He describes her as an extrovert in an introvert’s body but you would never know that when she is outside saying “hello” to all of the neighbor’s cats, as well as, her springer spaniel neighbor Max and Max’s mom.  Xena always has a smile on her face, usually with a ball or toy in her mouth, her tail is wagging and howling hello.  She loves to play ball and Max loves to steal it from her and oftentimes she just throws it at him as if to say, “Here already.”

There is nothing that makes me laugh harder than when she gets a case of the zoomies — just wondering what’s going on in her head about direction change and again with a smile of pure joy on her face.  We all cheer her on with a, “Go Z go!” and then runs by us as fast as she can to get to the neighbor’s porch to see if there might be some cat food that we forgot to pick up before playtime.

I get so many compliments on her beauty and super chill nature.  People cannot believe how calm she is.  I know they would never believe how excited she gets about breakfast, her ball, dinner, snacks and apple time.  She is absolute perfection wrapped in a furry package and we love her so.