Gender: Female
Age: 1-2 years old

Meet sweet, petite Shayna, one of our two new arrivals from Istanbul. We were told that she’s about 2 years old, but our vet feels she’s younger than that and is closer to a year. Notice the beads she’s wearing? Those are her “good luck” beads that were handmade for her in Istanbul to ensure a safe trip to this country.

She’s very affectionate and loves to run and play and, of course, to be petted! She seems to get along with other dogs, but we’ve found that our Goldens from Turkey sometimes have resource guarding issues because they’ve always had to fight for everything they’ve ever gotten. A lot of love and a little caution goes a long way!

She has been thoroughly checked out by our vet and is very healthy: All her blood work came back perfect, so she’s ready to go to her foster-to-adopt home.

We are looking for the perfect family for Shayna. There are some strict requirements for adopting a Golden from Turkey: The family must have a fenced yard where she can run and play. Since we don’t know much about her background, we will not place her in a home with children under the age of 9. Her adoption fee is $600, plus a $50 refundable training deposit.

If you think your family can offer Shayna the kind of home she deserves, please contact EGRR.