Gender:  Female
Age:  1.5 years old
Status:  Needs Foster-To-Adopt Home

Meet Lilly, a 1.5 year old Golden puppy. She’s full of exuberant energy, playfulness and love. She came to EGRR from a family with a young special needs child. Mom and Dad hoped that the child would bond with Lilly and that the relationship would help him. Unfortunately, he was intimidated by her unbridled enthusiasm for everything, so the relationship never developed. Mom works full-time and she wasn’t able to devote her time to properly training Lilly.

Lilly is small at 48 pounds, healthy and very sweet. She’s housebroken but needs obedience training and consistency. She’s also registered with the AKC. We are looking for a home with a fenced yard so she can run and play and a family that will devote their time to working with her. Lilly likes other dogs and will be fine with children above the age of 6. It is unknown how she’ll do with cats.

If you are able to give Lilly the time and the love she deserves, please contact EGRR.