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Prince, now known as Logan, is doing fantastic. He’s met several dogs in the neighborhood who we meet on our walks, and he’s gotten along with all of them, male and female alike. He is such a sweet boy and has a great disposition.

He seems to be settling in and more comfortable here with each passing day. Maybe once he’s been here 2 weeks he will realize this is his HOME now! He and Cali are getting along fine. As a matter of fact, she was lying in the hall the other night, I was already in bed watching TV, lights off, and he was on his bed asleep. She was asleep & started dreaming and making a whimpering noise really loud, and it woke him up, and he got up off the bed and walked into the hall to see what was the matter with her. I thought that was sweet! He wanted to make sure she was ok. They are also really protective and go to the window and bark if they see other dogs, etc. go by. They’re both great watch dogs!

I do plan to attend the expo. I will definitely line someone up to help me with the two of them. It will be a fun time for sure.
Susan J.

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