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Hi Jane, I’m sending this from the new email. The boys are great. We went boating yesterday, the first time in months. They were so happy. Harley and Tony have turned into total lovers. Harley still humps. Especially when he is very happy – like going boating. He is way more friendly, happy and trusting. He now loves the dog walks and even trots. His weight is lower and he looks and acts great. All 3 of the boys get along no fights.
Tank was a real problem, but I didn’t want to tell you. We believe that his previous owners severley beat and abused him. He was so fearfull of being kicked – if you got near him he would snap at you. We think that he was tied up and starved, and beaten…. He is much happier now. He is slowly learning to trust us more. He goes on a special walk with me at night, and goes roller blading with Eldon. I can now kiss him without fear. He is very smart, and reminds me alot of Jake. Someday he will be great. He is just learning to be happy and not afraid. He loves to swim and be out by the dock. We totally love him.
Harley is so funny, he loves to be outside only if it is cool or if the dolphins are around. If it is hot he is an airconditioning boy. He also loves to ride in the back seat of my VW “Beetle” He is just the cutist.
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