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We adopted Jackson, a 6 year old foster / rescue golden, from EGRR (EGRR #381) in mid-April of this year. He quickly took to our home like he had been here forever. We renamed him Jaxson and has since made himself at home. He has become great friends with his 1 year old golden sister, Riley. They love to swim in the pool. They love going on the boat and exploring the spoil islands with us. Jaxson is obsessed with tennis balls and we’ve had to slowly “wean” him off playing with them as much as he would like. More importantly, he has become part of our family. He has such a sweet disposition and a laid back attitude. He gets along with every dog and every person he meets. We are so thankful and grateful that we found him and that he, in turn, found us. Thank you for the opportunity to have him. Attached are some pics of Jaxson, please let me know if they don’t come through. Also, if you post this, please send me a notice so I will know you did.

Thank you!
Gabriel, Debbie, Jenna, Lauren and Riley H

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