Hi Jane!

 The signed adoption form is on the way. With the holiday, you should get it by Wednesday.

 We are so very happy to have found Shyann through your organization! She is a sweet lady and we already love her so much in the short time we’ve had her. She has adjusted well so far and gets along with our other darling girl, Sunshine, it’s like they’ve know each other all their lives. She knows her basic commands and has already begun to learn new commands; the most important ones are “stay” and “wait.” She seems happy, her tail always wagging, and always smiling her “golden” smile. Shyann believes she’s a lap dog and can hardly wait for an invitation to join me on the couch.

 Thanks so very much to you, Hermine, and Ellen (and all the others) for all your care and hard work you put in to EGRR. What you do is truly selfless! I have enclosed a picture for you as promised…do you know how difficult it is to try and get a photo of two active dogs together? Wow! I will send more when I can get them to sit still together haha.