Dear Jen,

 We must first of all thank you for your weeks of care and attention to this special guy….

 Last night he ate a little of his dinner yet settled onto the”bed” in the living room while we watched TV….

 At bedtime, everyone took their place and slept uneventfully til morning.  He’s still checking out every blade of grass and board on the fence; probably intrigued by the scent of the dog next door.  The moist food containing his meds got swallowed first and then only a few bites of kibble.  Understandably, he isn’t much interested in eating right now.  We’ll keep petting and hugging and loving on him while he transitions into his new digs and then we’ll hug and love on him some more ‘cause that’s what we do.

Golden is so easy to have around.  Some dogs …fill a space and add their unique energy.  He slips in, takes a spot, sits back and surveys the situation.  All he sends out is gentleness and love, grateful for any attention and content to be part of the pack….

Thanks again for all the wonderful work done by EGRR and yourself.  Stay in touch with us and feel free to visit anytime.  Maybe we can all meet up some Sunday afternoon at Juno Beach.

Dane & Greg