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Buddy has been a member of our family for 3 years now–I know because we just had some shots renewed that he got from EGRR before we adopted him.
Our vet says he’s fine (needs to lose 4-5 pounds–don’t we all!) but otherwise he’s in fine shape for a 9 year old. He is a fine dog and turned out to be a great watchdog as well. No one gets close to our house without a challenge from Buddy! He’s good on trips too! He loves to ride and doesn’t create a ruckus if we stop somewhere for a night. he’s a little shy around other dogs but loves our visitors and grandchildren when they come to us or when we visit them.
He seems quite happy with his life now and except for a daily capsule of Rx Glucosamine (CoseqionDS) for his elbows, he needs no special care beyond brushing and a love.In cool weather, he has become my navigator on errands and local trips.We want to say thank you again for helping us find each other. Buddy would join us but he is asleep on the cool tile floor and I won’t awaken him.
Thanks again,
Jim and Carole U.

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