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Hi Jane,
Ginger is leading the life of a queen!
Upon thorough inspection, she adapted to the house immediately, taking over the couch from one end to the other. We now have a huge sheet over it. She eats well, finally decided she likes banana on her breakfast (if you put a little half & half on it) and also likes the veggies we give her at dinner. We take her for 2 or 3 walks a day and it seems to have improved her stamina and mobility. We have a neighbor who lives behind us who has 5 acres, all fenced, and a yellow lab named Tebow. She and Champ visit there most every day for a good run. This seems to help her, also. She doesn’t play much withtoys or tennis balls so I think she led kind of a boring life. We’ll never know, will we. She and Champ get along very well; of course, he is a very patient dog. Lets her walk all over him.
I think she likes it here. I’m sure she is still wondering where everybody that took care of her before went. It must be hard for her to understand. We are trying to make her forget all that. Steve gives her a back rub every morning to get her going, which she seems to enjoy!! Her incision is all healed and her ear infectionhas cleared up so we have those problems out of the way. Ginger can also be very demanding. As soon as we are finished breakfast, she starts to bark, letting us know that she wants to go for her walk. That didn’t take long!
I’s sure she is content to live out her senior days doing as she chooses, if she doesn’t want to go out, she just refuses to get up. And, we let her get away with it. Old folks don’t need to be pushed around!! I am sending a couple of pictures that I took the other day by snail mail. She is very photogenic as you can see.
Hope all is well with you, Jane.
Fondly, Judy & Steve M
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