Hello from Wrangler #114


Just dropping it to say hi to everyone at EGRR. Wrangler has turned out to be such a gentleman. He is so gentle and sweet and just wants to be touched, even if it’s just being touched with your feet while your relaxing in the recliner. He is a very shy boy and will often sit in the corner or chill under the bed for some peace and quiet. He got a new sister in February and, although he didn’t like the whole idea too much at first, they fell in love. He was so gentle and playing with his fake growling and letting her win, I could watch them for hours. Now that she is bigger than him she drags him by his collar and he still lets her win. He let both the girls eat first and won’t take a treat until they have theirs. Guess chivalry is not dead. Well that’s about it for now, I guess. I attached some pictures of Wrangler and thank you guys every day for giving me my man of the house.