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Princess Chachi

Age:10& 9 years (respectively)
Status: Adopted!

Foster Home Update: Princess and Chachi are doing great! They are all healed up from their spay and neuter and are full of happy energy. These two are so lovable and loving! They are truly sweet as can be. They are extremely well-behaved, perfectly house trained (not one accident!), don’t jump on furniture, don’t bark too much. come when called, sit/stay/lay down, walk well on leashes, play very nicely with other dogs at the park, and even learned quickly to get along with my kitty! They are also very gentle with children we have met in the park. They are excited and ready for walks in the morning and evening, love to play ball and play with stuffed toys. Throughout the day, they are very mellow and content to lay on their beds or on the porch. They both love to be outside, especially Chachi. A fenced yard is ideal for them, but not necessary. They are very healthy, energetic and strong and surely have several good years ahead. Anyone would be super lucky to share a life with these two through their “Golden years.”

Several years ago, one of our volunteers noticed an ad on Craig’s List for a young female Golden. Fearful that Athena would end up in the wrong hands, she answered the ad. We agreed to take this sweet girl into our program. We were surprised when she came accompanied by 2 other Goldens. They were a breeding pair; the owners had been backyard breeders who were no longer breeding. Since they had many dogs, they felt that these dogs deserved more attention than they could provide.
Fast forward to 2011, and we got a call from the same family. This time they did not use Craig’s List but came directly to EGRR. Due to health problems in the family, they were looking to place their remaining 2 Goldens, Chachi and Princess. They are 9 and 10 years old and comprise an extremely bonded pair. Both dogs are as sweet as sugar – tails are always wagging, they love to give kisses and are as well behaved as they are sweet. They will make the perfect dogs for a family looking for love! They are active enough to want to play but will be content to lay by your feet in front of the TV.
As is EGRR policy, we will not separate bonded pairs, so you can’t have one without the other. Chachi and Princess will make an easy adjustment to their new home – they probably would go off with anyone who showed them attention because they have the classic Golden temperament and personality. If you are interested in meeting them, once they are spayed and neutered, please call EGRR and ask about them. You will be so glad you did.
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