Tarcin (Proposal Prop)

Tarcin has been the greatest blessing to Cristen and my lives. I rescued Tarcin on July 2nd of 2016, as a way to ask Cristen to marry me. When Cristen arrived home all she could see was the dog we just rescued. Since then Tarcin has been our life and has stolen our hearts! He is the most friendly dog who never stops wanting to make everyone happy and give everyone the most love he possibly can. We never thought about rescuing a dog from Turkey until we found Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue and we couldn’t have made a smarter decision. Every minute of Tarcin’s day you can see his gratitude on his loving, smiling face. Always looking up to us for permission and making sure he won’t upset us (which would be impossible anyway). I am so happy that I went through EGRR to rescue a dog. We could not be any happier with our Golden, who rescued us.