Davy (Davie)

Davy came to us last February when we weren’t expecting at all to adopt a dog. We had lost one of our Goldens nine months previously, and the other in January, and we really weren’t ready for a new dog. However, the house was incredibly empty without a dog, so when Davy came along we agreed to foster him, and that settled things right then and there. Davy immediately bonded with us, and we with him. He is an incredibly loving dog who will accept any invitation to be petted, especially if he can flop on his back and get a good belly rub. He has learned not to jump on couches and beds until he is invited, but he doesn’t hesitate to express his wishes with a whine or a bark. He loves chasing lizards, along with the squirrels and rabbits that sometimes show up outside his fenced area, and he routinely stands at the door and lies about having to go out just so he can have a chance to chase something. He knows not to steal food off counters when we are watching, but occasionally something has disappeared when we have forgotten to watch. He is one of the smartest dogs we have had, and very entertaining to have around. He has brought a lot of joy into our lives, and we are so glad that we were brought together so that he could be part of our family.