Sadie (Kennedy)

When we met Kennedy, #773, in January this year, it was love at first sight!

We brought her to our house and she immediately made herself at home. She quickly learned where the back door was and fell in love with her big back yard. We renamed her ‘Sadie’, which she learned very quickly.

Sadie is a good traveler and enjoys going in the car. She has been a great companion since day one. We took her with us to Orlando and South Carolina and she loved it, and we were thrilled to have her with us.

Sadie is so full of love and affection! She loves children, all people, other dogs and chasing lizards! Her presence has added so much to our lives, more than we can say. She is absolutely amazing in so many ways and so much more than we even hoped for!

We have had many dogs in our lives over the years (but never a Golden) and Sadie has taken our hearts like no other fur child before!

Thank you EGRR for bringing Sadie to us,
Rob & Monalisa B