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Gender: Male Age: 2 Status: At the Rainbow Bridge Sometimes Love Is Not Enough..... On February 5th, EGRR posted a story about Chase, a happy-go-lucky 2 year old boy, who had just come in to rescue. Poor Chase, had lived his entire live outdoors, and was neither obedience trained or housebroken. Since he was friendly,...
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Jane Happy Chanukah from Luna,Tovah, Debbie & Tom ! :>) Also just wanted to say, once again,THANK YOU for helping to bring Luna into our lives She is a wonderful dog and we love her very much Luna has settled right in and is enjoying her new home and her big sister her health continues...
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Puppies as Christmas Presents Printed with permission of Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota, Inc. (RAGOM Are you thinking of giving a puppy as a Christmas present? If so, please reconsider. Puppies (or any dog, for that matter) do not make good Christmas presents for several reasons: Adopting a dog is a decision that should be...
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