Month: November 2019


Meet Hank, our big, playful, handsome 10-month-old puppy. Hank came to EGRR from a loving, but overwhelmed, home. Here’s his story: When Hank was about 8 weeks old, a very unethical backyard breeder ($$$$) sold him to a couple in their 80’s. Anyone who knows the breed, knows that a Golden puppy (and a male, …

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Pilot & Autumn

Meet EGRR’s two newest additions! Pilot, a 3-4 year old male and Autumn a 4-5 year old female, who just arrived from Turkey. Both are super sweet and have had a difficult life until now. Autumn came from a bad situation with a hoarder in Turkey, where she was held for 2 years. She needs …

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Meet Chloe, a sweet, almost-7 year old girl. She loves other dogs, likes cats, and loves people. She’s healthy, but she needs to lose 30 pounds. She needs a fenced yard and another dog to play with.